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ReCon slides – "Packer Genetics: The Selfish Code" & Bochs+Python

Friday, July 16th, 2010

A few days ago Jose and Ero presented in ReCon some of the latest ideas they have been working on regarding unpacking. We have put our slides up for your viewing pleasure here:

[slideshare id=4757587&doc=recon2010-100714205302-phpapp01]

Our slides are also available for download here. Beware that they are merely a visual aid to our live presentation. We will try to remember to announce when the ReCon video comes out so you can follow them there.

In addition, Jose will be presenting on the topic in SysCan Taipei on August 20th. That will be another good chance to catch the info fresh and live.

Bochs and Python

Bochs and our custom Python extensions were one of the fundamental tools onto which we built our research.

Ero has been keeping the Python extensions up to date for a few years and they are something we use a lot at zynamics. We have attempted to make them public in a few occasions (an old patch is available in the Bochs mailing list) but those attempts failed to make them known to more users. We are frequently reminded at conferences that people would love to play with them, so this time we are making them available through a zynamics GitHub project. The plan is to keep them in sync with all major releases of Bochs. In the GitHub page you can find basic instructions on how to get them working. The patch to apply to the current public version of Bochs (2.4.5 at this time) can be found here

We will add usage examples to the GitHub wiki as time allows. Also if there are special requests we will try to provide exemples on how to use the extensions for those cases. Download them, play with them and let us know your thoughts.