BinDiff 3.2 public beta phase starts today

Because this is my first post here I would like to introduce myself briefly. I have been working for zynamics since 2006 and my primary task is Java development. My main product responsibilities are the VxClass similarity graph visualization applet, parts of BinNavi and the complete BinDiff GUI.

Today we are officially starting the BinDiff 3.2 public beta phase. Besides many bug fixes the quality of the diff engine has been improved. Also, this version is shipped with a new C++ based exporter plugin for IDA which unifies the export process between BinNavi and BinDiff.

Here is an excerpt of the change list:

  • Added new matching algorithms (e.g. loop head matching)
  • Improved performance (better utilization of multi-core machines)
  • Support for multipe simultaneous differ instances
  • Memory optimizations
  • Function matches can be deleted and added manually
  • Colored matched function table rows (according to their similarity)
  • Various usability changes like wait dialogs for long running operations
  • ~80 more fixes and improvements in the exporter
  • ~50 more fixes and improvements in the BinDiff core engine
  • ~15 more fixes and improvements in the BinDiff GUI

We also increased our test database of IDB samples for stress testing the exporter and the BinDiff core engine to ~10GB. This includes large non-malicious samples (CISCO router images, Firefox, Acrobat, …), patch diff samples (Microsoft, MMO games, …), a huge selection of small but heavily obfuscated malware samples and some really obscure platforms. Every IDB we have ever received with a bug report or feature request is included in this database – please do keep ’em coming! In addition to that our distributed BinDiff engine integrated with zynamics VxClass, our malware clustering product, churns through gigabytes of fresh malware samples each month.

If you are a zynamics customer and interested in participating in the beta phase, please write an e-mail to Any kind of feedback, feature requests or bug reports are very much appreciated.

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