BinDiff 3.2.1… fun!

Hi there. I am one of the developers working on VxClass and the signature generation component in particular. However, working in a small company such as zynamics also means I get to do tons of other stuff, like preparing installer packages and other behind-the-scenes work.
So, in my first post I have the pleasure to announce a new version of our binary comparison tool: BinDiff 3.2.1. As the version number implies, this is mostly a bugfix only release, but with one important difference: As of now, all customers that place an order for BinDiff, automatically receive Debian GNU/Linux packages as well as the familiar Windows Installer package. Supported Debian-based distributions include:

  • Debian 5.0 (“Lenny”)
  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (“Lucid Lynx”)

Please note that for the Linux packages, we only support using BinDiff with Hex-Rays IDA Pro 6.0. For the Windows version we support the three latest versions of IDA Pro (5.6, 5.7 and 6.0, respectively).

This is how BinDiff looks on Linux:

BinDiff 3.2.1 in IDA 6.0 (Qt) on Linux

BinDiff 3.2.1 GUI on Linux

You can order BinDiff over the usual channels: e-mail, the order form on our web site or your favourite reseller.

This concludes my first post here, have fun diffing!

22 Responses to “BinDiff 3.2.1… fun!”

  1. I would like to purchase some of your company greate tools, but I cannot find the way to do it – at least after acquisition by Google. What the right way to purchase? What is a products future in the light of Google’s acquisition?

  2. Hi Mark,
    we’re still trying to figure out a way to make the tools available for purchase again. What I can say for certain is that it will be possible to buy BinDiff and BinNavi via Google Checkout in the next few weeks.


    Christian Blichmann

  3. Great, thanks Christian!

  4. Markus says:

    Where do I get bindiff?
    Is it freeware or is there a trial available?
    poor website!

  5. Markus says:

    Oh shit – Google bought the company gggg

  6. Ruby says:

    When will the new trial version will be available for download?

    • Hi!

      As it currently stands, there will be no trial version anymore. Instead we’ll reduce the price quite a bit 😉

      — Christian

      • Bayard G. Bell says:


        What’s the story on the new commercial offering? I’m looking to buy but see no reason to do so if there’s a pending substantial price drop. The last time a reference was made to timing, it was to say in mid-May that new pricing and purchasing process would be in place in a matter of weeks.


        • Hi there,

          sorry for the late reply, we’ve all been a bit busy and neglected checking the blog for new comments for quite a while 🙁
          The good news is that BinDiff and BinNavi are available for purchase from our web site. Please note that we currently only sell to customers in the Americas. We’re working on making the products available for the rest of the world as soon as possible.


          Christian Blichmann

  7. Bayard G. Bell says:


    I’m very interested in buying BinDiff, but I’d rather prefer not to pay a price that’s going to be reduced in the near future. Is there a solid date for new pricing and buying options?

  8. Dan says:

    Will there be any student/academic price too?
    It would be great if that was the case.
    (about Google buying the company … weird)

  9. Mike says:

    It’s August already … Is there any news on BinDiff availability / price?

  10. Hiber says:

    When will BinDiff be available for the rest of the world? And Is it possible to purchage the renewal for several years along with the software?

    • Hi,
      I really cannot give you an exact time frame for when BinDiff and BinNavi will be available for purchase outside the Americas (other than, “any minute now”). We’re ourselves waiting for internal feedback on how to proceed.
      As for license renewals: No, it won’t be possible to renew license for several years in advance.


      Christian Blichmann

  11. Bayard G. Bell says:


    Just a quick word to say that I’m also a customer outside the US and still wanting to buy your product for a reverse engineering project. If it helps clear internal processes, please assure that there are customers eagerly awaiting your international offering.


  12. Geoff Carstairs says:

    I am another customer also outside the US wishing to purchase.

  13. Hiber says:

    I find Bindiff can also be purchased in EU now.
    How about the rest of the world?
    Is it legal to purchase in US or EU(for example, via professional software agent company) and use it outside of US or EU?

    • Hi there,

      right now, we can only sell to the Americas (North and South) and to the EU. We’re working on making BinDiff available for the rest of the world, but don’t hold your breath.
      The only way to purchase is via our web site at — we no longer distribute via professional resellers).
      As for the legality of using the US/EU licensed version of BinDiff/BinNavi in non-US/non-EU contries, I cannot give any advice (I’m no lawyer). You may want to read through the license agreement and decide for yourself.


      Christian Blichmann

  14. Hello
    We want to buy BinDiff.
    Please contact me