BinNavi 3.0 Beta 2 released

Today we have released the second beta of BinNavi 3.0. We are now planning to release the final version on August 1st.

The main thing we changed since the first beta version was to improve the MySQL database format to handle large files better. This became necessary as more and more of our customers try to analyze really big images, like Cisco router dumps, with BinNavi. The second major change was to add compatibility with the new IDA Pro 5.7 which is now the preferred data source for BinNavi disassembly data.  Of course we have also fixed various minor bugs that have been reported by our busy beta testers since the first beta was released.

Not many features were added since the first beta was released. You can see the most important new features of BinNavi 3 in this blog post I wrote when the first beta was released. To learn more about BinNavi please check out the manual on our website.

Screenshot of BinNavi 3.0: Highlighting all uses of the local variable Buffer

If you are already a customer of a zynamics product and you would like to get your hands on the BinNavi 3.0 beta, please send an email to

5 Responses to “BinNavi 3.0 Beta 2 released”

  1. c says:

    Is it possible to look at the binaries on an iPhone? It would be interesting to compare the upcoming “fixed” signal strength indicator with the old code. I suspect they’re lying their asses off that the current signal strength display is a bug, but disassembling the code would make it really obvious.

    • Sebastian Porst says:

      Hi c,

      this is possible but I would recommend to use our BinDiff product for this:

      This should allow you to just compare the patched iPhone software with the unpatched iPhone software.

  2. Salty says:


    I’ve been running some sample scenarios and ran into some trouble when using BinDiff on Netgear binaries, particularly Netgear 614 routers.
    (Background: Netgear binaries are compressed using LZMA and can be de-compressed after stripping the proprietary netgear header)
    Once this is completed, I decompiled two versions of Netgear binaries in IDA Pro 5.6 (using mipsb). Things look ok at this stage.
    However, when i run BinDiff to compare the two versions, it bunks out with an IDA mini dump and subsequently reports:

    “Error while diffing: basicblocks not sorted by address!”

    …perhaps there is something fundamental that I have missed…

    any thoughts?