Conference Circus: April and May 2010

If you want to meet team zynamics people at conferences your odds are better than ever. We would like to meet you too and we have a pretty full conference program in the next two months. If you want to get an in-depth view about a specific topic or technology we are working on you might want to contact us in advance so we can prepare a bit. If you just want to hang out and talk, feel free to approach us at the conferences. Our email addresses all have the pattern. If in doubt you can also send an email to

CODEGATE 2010 (Seoul, April 6 – April 7)

Thomas will be at CODEGATE 2010 to give a talk about BinCrowd, our collaborative reverse engineering server. If you want to meet up you better hurry because today is already the first day and Thomas will fly out to the next event tomorrow already.

Jose Duart (who works on VxClass) is also at CODEGATE 2010. He will give a talk titled “Introduction to mobile reversing”.

Black Hat Europe 2010 (Barcelona, April 12 – 15)

Never before were there so many zynamics researchers at just one conference! If you want to, you can meet Thomas, Vincenzo (Talk: “0-knowledge fuzzing”), Ero Carrera (Talk: “State Of Malware: Family Ties”), Jose, or me.

SANS European Digital Forensics and Incident Response Summit (London, April 14 – 20)

Ero will be one of the panelists in a discussion titled “New Computer Forensic Techniques”.

InBot’10 (Bonn, April 20 – 21)

Tim, Thomas, and Christian Blichmann (who also works on VxClass) are planning to go to InBot’10 to learn about and share the latest trends in all kinds of malware-related topics.

SOURCE Boston (Boston, April 21 – 23)

Vincenzo will be at SOURCE Boston to give his talk about 0-knowledge fuzzing again.

NATO Symposium on “Information Assurance and Cyber Defence” (Antalya, April 26 – 27)

Thomas and I will give a talk about correlating attackers between different cyber attacks using binary code artifacts.

Confidence 2010 (Krakow, May 25 – 26)

Still unconfirmed, but Vincenzo is planning to be there.

CARO 2010 (Helsinki, May 26 – 27)

I will be in Helsinki the two days before CARO 2010 takes place. If anybody wants to meet up with me there to talk about VxClass, how we automatically generate signatures for whole malware families, or any other malware-related topic we are working on please contact me before and I can extend my stay.

PH Neutral  0x7da (Berlin, May 28 – 30)

PH Neutral could even beat Black Hat Europe. The current plan is to show up there with Tim, Ero, Jose, me, and possibly Thomas, Vincenzo, and Christian (the last three are yet unconfirmed). If you have ever been to PH Neutral you know that this conference is focused on hanging out and not on demoing tech, of course. 🙂

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