zynamics acquired by Google !


We’re pleased to announce that zynamics has been acquired by Google! If you’re an existing customer and do not receive our email announcement within the next 48 hours, please contact us at info@zynamics.com. All press inquiries should be sent to press@google.com.

53 Responses to “zynamics acquired by Google !”

  1. Dan Says:

    Congratulations. What does this mean for BinNavi/BinDiff/VxClass? Will they continue to be sold to the public and updated?

  2. Griffin Boyce Says:

    Hey, congratulations! =D

  3. Alexander Kasper Says:

    Congratulations from Labor e.V.

  4. drsehmus Says:


  5. Jos Says:

    Native Client of course

  6. Stephen A. Ridley Says:

    This is AWESOME! Congrats!

  7. anonymous Says:

    Congratulations Halvar!

  8. Google kupił Zynamics | secWorld Says:

    […] the post on Zynamic’s blog: We’re pleased to announce that zynamics has been acquired by Google! If […]

  9. jon Says:

    Wow! Congratulations! Hope it works out as well for you as the PREfix acquisition did for our team!


  10. Says:


  11. Confucious Says:


  12. Elias Says:

    congratulations !

    lets hope with your technology you can make them reconsider accepting zip’ed and binary attachments on Gmail :D

  13. jonas Says:

    so, did google buy the products or the brains?

  14. Rodrigo (BSDaemon) Says:

    Outstanding news!! I’m very happy and wish all the best.

  15. Google Acquires Security Analytics Software Developer Zynamics | SiliconANGLE Says:

    […] made a sly acquisition today, taking in analytics firm Zynamics. According to a brief blog post, the acquired security analytics software developer Zynamics is headed to one of the cloud’s […]

  16. Will Says:

    …so does this mean you can come to Cansec now? :)

    p.s. congratulations!

  17. Top Posts — WordPress.com Says:

    […] zynamics acquired by Google ! We’re pleased to announce that zynamics has been acquired by Google! If you’re an existing customer and do not […] […]

  18. najmi Says:

    Awesome and congratulations.

  19. Google Buys Security Analytics Software Developer Zynamics | Techo Gossip Says:

    […] like Google has made an acquisition today: software analytics company Zynamics. Here’s the post on Zynamic’s blog: We?re pleased to announce that zynamics has been acquired by Google! If […]

  20. ILYNOW- Android | ILYNOW Says:

    […] Zynamic官方博客发表文章称自己已经被Google收购。 […]

  21. HD Moore Says:


  22. Marc Ruef Says:


  23. cod Says:


  24. Philippe Schaeffer Says:

    Wow, what news! Congrats!
    Will you have to move or will you stay in the area?

  25. Google Announces Acquisition of Security Firm Zynamics | Mobile Marketing Watch Says:

    […] acquired by Google!” was the short blurb heralding the acquisition Tuesday on the official Zynamics blog.“If you’re an existing customer and do not receive our e-mail announcement within the […]

  26. Google übernimmt deutsches Unternehmen Zynamics » DVBSHOP24.com – Supportforum - Source No. 1 for HTPC Solutions Says:

    […] deutschen Anbieter von Sicherheitssoftware Zynamics übernommen. Das geht aus einem knappen Weblog-Eintrag des CEO Thomas Dullien, in der Security-Szene auch bekannt als Halvar Flake, hervor. Weitere […]

  27. leony Says:


  28. Google kauft deutsche Sicherheitsfirma Zynamics - Business | News | ZDNet.de Says:

    […] […]

  29. Martin Says:


  30. Google buys malware analysis and reverse engineering firm Zynamics | Critical windows web security Says:

    […] has bought reverse-engineering and analysis tools firm Zynamics. Financial terms of the deal, announced on Tuesday, were […]

  31. Google acquires German security firm Zynamics Says:

    […] acquired German security software vendor Zynamics. The official announcement was made in a brief weblog posting by the company's CEO, Thomas Dullien , who is also known as Halvar Flake in the security scene. No […]

  32. Sandy Wilbourn Says:

    congratulations. big gain for Google imo

  33. Google Buys Malware Research Firm Zynamics « MadMark's Blog Says:

    […] has bought reverse-engineering and analysis tools firm Zynamics. Financial terms of the deal, announced on Tuesday, were […]

  34. Google kauft Bochumer Unternehmen | silicon.de Says:

    […] […]

  35. Google adquiere Zynamics | VirusInformatico.net - Seguridad Informática Says:

    […] un post en el blog de esta tarde de la empresa de la compañía señaló: “Estamos muy contentos de anunciar que […]

  36. Ram Prashantha Says:

    Congratulation on your success, while I was in college(1997) I tried to do kinda similar technique people laughed at me :) I glad to see you have solution and people company like good needs it.

  37. Google Acquires Security Firm Zynamics Same Day Android Apps Hit by Malware | Online Marketing Secrets Says:

    […] yesterday acquired German software company Zynamics, a company that specializes in reverse-engineering and analysis […]

  38. Google kauft deutschen Sicherheitsspezialisten Zynamics » t3n News Says:

    […] Abend des ersten März hat Zynamics die Übernahme durch Google in seinem Firmenblog euphorisch verlauten lassen: „Wir freuen uns bekanntgeben zu können, dass Zynamics von Google […]

  39. Curt Wilson Says:

    Congrats guys! Goes to show that striving for top quality and meeting serious analysis needs with kick-ass tools is something that is noticed. May you all continue to do work that is meaningful under the new arrangement.

  40. RayK Says:

    Congratulations on your success. I have long admired your energy, commitment, attention to detail, skill, vision, and experience.

    And, most importantly, you remain a nice person.

    Enjoy and get some sleep!

  41. Vladimir B. Bidniuk Says:


  42. Sue Matson Says:

    Congratulations, Thomas! You have done exceptionally well!

  43. iHack Says:


  44. Cipro Says:

    Congratulations, unique companies always acquired by Google ;-)

  45. In Pictures | In Pictures | Psychonaut Says:

    […] zynamics acquired by Google ! « blog.zynamics.com […]

  46. kishfellow Says:

    congratulations, halvar and team :)

  47. Nikoli Says:

    Congratulations! Google’s technology and potential developers – is power.

  48. Blogger Xstroy Says:

    Good luck! Google today – this is a serious reliance and support. I think the company will receive a new impetus to development.

  49. Kötü Amaçlı Uygulamalar Android Market'i Sarsıyor Says:

    […] açıklandı.Beklenmedik ve istenmeyen bir tecrübe yaşayan Google, Alman Zynamics adlı şirketi bünyesine katarak güvenlik alanına yatırım yaptı. Zararlı yazılımlar üzerine analizler yapan ve güvenlik […]

  50. lazaruslair Says:

    There does not seem to be any link to purchase PDF Dissector. Is this a result of the Google acquisition? Can we no longer buy it?

  51. יד שניה Says:

    good luck and congratulations !!!

  52. Google Buys Security Firm Zynamics | Threatpost Says:

    […] announced the deal on its corporate blog on Tuesday, saying little other than that the company had been acquired by Google. The company is […]

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