We are hiring a new BinNavi developer

After we have already hired Tim and Jose this year to join zynamics as full-time employees, we are now looking to extend our team once again. This time we are looking for a software developer who wants to join the BinNavi team.

BinNavi is a binary code reverse engineering tool that enables reverse engineers to analyze binary code. Customers of BinNavi are primarily vulnerability researchers from companies and governmental organizations of many different nations that try to find new 0-days in closed-source software.

Working on BinNavi means you will be working on a large application with more than 500.000 lines of code. The majority of that code is written in Java (the whole main program), a few ten-thousand lines of code are written in C++ (the debuggers and the IDA Pro plugin to get disassembly data from IDA Pro into a MySQL database). You are a good candidate if you know how to write clean code and you have a reverse engineering background that gives you an idea about what features are useful to our customers.

It is also crucial that you are self-motivated and have a clear idea of where development should be going. At zynamics, there is very little management from above. Rather, the individual teams (like the BinNavi team) decide themselves what features to prioritize next and when to schedule the next release of a project.

There are a few perks that make working for zynamics really pay off. There is the obvious one: you will work on the cutting edge of reverse engineering tool research and development. However, there are others. For example, you can attend as many IT security conferences as you want to provided you give a talk there and the organizers pay for your flight and hotel (which nearly all IT security conferences do, so just submit somewhere and be accepted to speak). There is a nearly unlimited budget for computer science books (all employees know the password to the corporate Amazon account and can buy at will). You will meet many of our customers who come from all walks of life and have amazing stories to tell.

Of course there are downsides to the job, too. The primary issue we face again and again when filling job positions is that we do not want any remote workers. You would have to move to Bochum, Germany for the job and work from our office (working from home two times a week or so is OK). Since we want to fill this position quickly (preferably you would start August 1st but no later than August 15th) we can not consider candidates that require a work permit that takes longer to process. Except for this, we welcome applications from software developers of all backgrounds.

Please note that this is not a reverse engineering job. On the job you will most likely not be doing a lot of reverse engineering beyond what is required to test BinNavi. What you can do, however, is to implement new code analysis algorithms that improve the usefulness of BinNavi to our customers.

If you are interested in this job, please send an email to info@zynamics.com to request more information. Or just send your resume and some piece of code you wrote that makes us want to hire you.