PDF Dissector 1.1.0 released

Today we are releasing PDF Dissector 1.1.0. Here are the changes compared to PDF Dissector 1.0.0.

  • Feature: Raw and decoded content of streams can now be dumped to files
  • Feature: Decoded streams can now be viewed in hexadecimal view
  • Feature: PDF browsing tree now shows the types of PDF objects
  • Feature: Long-running JavaScript scripts can now be cancelled
  • Bugfix: Improved PDF parsing for objects that do not end with ‘endobj’
  • Bugfix: Removed function names of two emulated functions from the variable inspector of the debugger
  • Bugfix: Added the previously missing tutorials directory that contains sample files for the tutorial
  • API: Made it possible to access dictionary entries, array elements, and indirect references

I think the most important change was the API improvement. It is now possible to do really cool things with Python scripts and the PDF Dissector API. Having the ability to dump streams to a file is also really useful when you are analyzing malicious PDF files like the recent 0-day which made use of an embedded Flash file.

For more information about PDF Dissector please see the manual.