Automated signature generation for malware (teaser & help needed)

Hey all,

I promised a while ago on my personal blog that I would write about the work that has been done here at zynamics regarding the automated extraction of malware signatures. Full details are coming up in the next two to three weeks, but before that, I’d like to ask you, dear reader, for a favour:

We have a number of automatically generated ClamAV signatures here, and while we can test them for false positives locally, our “goodware”-zoo is clearly limited. We would much appreciate if you could take these autogenerated signatures and try to see whether they match on any program that is “goodware”, e.g. known to not be malware.

You can use the above file by simply running “clamscan -d ./auto.generated.sigs.ndb”

Personally, I am really curious to see if any of the signatures end up creating false positives…